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Nice professional resume template for free: After doing this you will be able to open the file in word. What format would you recommend for an IT professional? It looks like maybe Template 6 based on some of the info in the templates. Hal Resumes, most especially for IT, lend themselves to a project based format. Do not use bold for anything except numbers that indicate money or service or reliability that was ; earned or saved or increased or decreased.

Problem I was tasked with, resources time technology etc a line or tow about what you did and then, what was the result of implementing your solution? Take away the easy questions, make them think, they will have a higher opinion of you if they are not forced into an interrogation. Nice to meet you Hal! Are there schools that teach a person how to put resumes together? I red your comment about using a different template. I am currently using a paid website to create my own resumes.

The good part about this is that it has a section where you just click what you want it to say for you. I Just started using this website on April 4th and designed a resume for my wife and working on mine now.

The other good thing about this is that the website gives you a grade in percentages from 1 to a hundred. The name of the website is myPerfectresume. You can also cancel the service before the end of you month trial. Ali can u update me with that website? Dave Andrew, thanks for getting back with me! Gus Thanks so much for making these. I was just searching last night for a resume template that was well-designed without looking like it was trying too hard.

These are just the ticket went with Template 2 for mine. I will definitely use template number 5. It was a very helpful and useful post from you. Curtis thanks Andrew, I appreciate it. Eric Hi Andrew, thanks a lot for these! Good luck with the job! Curtis Andrew, a question again!

Thanks for sharing your insights with us through your blog. Since I am very new to this and I been having a hard time making my resume work. Thank You Thanks for the nice and professional templates! Patty Hi Andrew, I was on Google looking for resume templates to assist my boyfriend in updating his resume. I have no idea how to format. I clicked on the site and saw your effective, sleek templates and downloaded two of them. Thank you so much!!!

I need to get this done before work and the other templates I had found were really quite boring and ho-hum. Best of luck with the job hunt. Keena S I have to admit your tagline is what caught my attention!!!

I appreciate your no-nonsense approach and for the laugh. Jobless and looking for good templates and came across this site, you made my day! I find it easy to just use an online creator. I can then post it online and access it from the road. I am sure either of them would work equally well! I have literally been searching for two hours to find simple yet sophisticated resumes and these are all great, thank you so so so so so so so so much!

Can you give an example? Jamie Thanks, Andrew for posting these. I was googling for a resume template but results were too complicated and over decorated CV. Right when I was about to give up I found your site. This is what I need, nice and simple template.

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