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The site is being harvested by the Forest Commission and will be redeveloped as a day use area. Alternative locations for camping within the reserve include Nanga Mill and Nanga town site campgrounds. The Garden of Remembrance is a beauty. You can also download the files in a variety of formats, suitable for your own GPS unit. To make a booking contact the DEC, Pemberton, ph: It has a lot of info, pics and GPS plots, all linked with Google Earth maps to highlight points of interest, camping areas and more.

Created to support the continual existence of the malleefowl the centre offers interpretive displays, conference facilities, bushwalking trails as well as a well established malleefowl aviary. For more details, ph: Or simply hop in the car for a leisurely drive and enjoy the hospitality of the towns along the way like Lancelin, Seabird, Guilderton,Ledge Point, Cervantes and Jurien Bay.

For all the deatils check out the web site: A sealed alternative, Indian Ocean Drive , now provides access and the Training Area will be policed to prevent unauthorised entry. For more information on facilities, etc, in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne, visit their web site: Make sure you visit this historic island with its great camping and fishing. Then there is the fabulous camping and fishing. For more information on current conditions contact the DEC office in Denham, ph: Return to top of page Steep Point Access If you want to head for Steep Point - the most westerly point on the Australian mainland - and camp, the area is booked out till the end of May.

When camping you need to book a campsite and submit a completed access permit before entering the area. Campsites are often full, so submit a permit ASAP. For more details go to: Ningaloo Turtle Centre As part of the programme to save turtles on the west coast of Australia the Jurabi Turtle Centre has now been opened.

Situated 13km from Exmouth township it is situated between a couple of pleasant beaches and close to popular rookery for three threatened turtle species. Amongst other things they run a guided trip to view the turtles. For more details check out: Camping as we have experienced on this fabulous coast for the last 20 or more years will be shut down.

Check out the FB page and register your opposition to this: Warlu Way Taking in most of the tourist highlights between Coral Bay in the south through the rugged red range country of the Pilbara to Karratha and then along the coast to Broome is the newly proclaimed Warlu Way.

Interpretive signage along the drive opens your eyes to the secrets of this country and its historical, cultural and natural wonders. The park covers 4, hectares of the Burrup Peninsula, near Dampier and hosts the largest concentration of ancient rock art in the world, dating back over 30, years. The new park is the first Aboriginal freehold land to be leased back to the State and jointly managed as a national park.

A tough 4WD track gives access to the heart of the park but otherwise its easy boat access from Withnell Bay, or vehicle access to nearby Hearson Cove. For some extra details read about it at: For more info and an application go to: This permit is available on-line from the CSR automated permit system website www.

A permit will only be issued once it has been paid for. It is valid for the vehicle, number of persons, period and any conditions indicated on the permit. There will also be an information shelter erected at Weld Springs. This is to add to what they have already constructed; toilets are now at Wells 3, 6, 12, Durba Springs, Georgia Bore, and Well These are being serviced by a couple of tag along companies and also the Local Indigenous Ranger Groups for the area.

This beautiful camping spot is in danger of being ruined by travellers washing down their vehicles with water from the spring after coming through Savory Creek.

This will pollute the spring and eventually kill the delightful vegetation and trees. Also please keep showers well away from the springs as soap is already polluting the water supply.

Track Care WA web site: Please note that there are no facilities on site and you must contact Newry Station, ph: For more info on the camp and the fossicking area visit:

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